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DIY do it yourself aquarium

Thermostat STC-1000 - Controller temperature

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

As already mentioned in the article "refrigeration system fans", to reduce the temperature in our aquarium we can use a refrigerator or cooling fans.... The STC-1000 thermostat is certainly the most used by aquarists in DIY...

Sostegni in tubi di PVC per le rocce - DSB

FIY - Marine Aquarium 

As mentioned in the article "DSB in the aquarium", the surface of the sand is not necessary to avoid static areas with little movement ... The rocks should never be resting directly on the bottom but on supports ad hoc...

Modificare la Plafoniera del Red Sea 250 a LED

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

In recent years, even in the aquarium has spread the use of LED as an alternative to neon and metal halide lamps. ... in this project have been used by 3W high power LED satisled, the best on the market for both days or for performance...

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

The overflow is an overflow system easy to manufacture at very low prices ... It 'was made with an exhaust pipe of 32 mm and another 25 mm connected to the pump discharge...


FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

This article illustrates how to change the ceiling Dymax doubling the illumination from 2x14 to 2x24 W. This ceiling light has an excellent quality / price ratio with an aluminum body easily adaptable in most aquariums....

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

This article illustrates how to implement a simple system grounding....

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

In order to achieve greater light intensity from fluorescent lamps without dispersing the light that never goes directly into the aquarium..

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

How to create a moonlight in our aquarium, creating a simple system to 12 volts. First cut the plastic container....

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

For the realization of this ceiling will need to have lots of patience and good will, especially those who are not familiar with the DIY. The measures are subjective, dependent on the size of the aquarium and the neon used...

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

After scoring the ceiling I tried to improve it with the addition of a 4-LED blue moonlight. This system should be implemented during...

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

The realization of this filter system allows to reduce the phosphate by the use of special resins antifosfati (better ferrous) as the Rowa or Nophos...

Ballast elettronico

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

We carry an electronic ballast using an energy saving lamp ballasts have particular advantages: - Reduced flicker and greater speed of ignition of the lamp...

Refrigerazione a ventole per acquario

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

Due to popular demand we have created a very simple and inexpensive cooling system for the aquarium using the fan to 12 volts commonly used to refrigerate our PC...

FIY - Marine Aquarium 

With this simple design can significantly reduce the annoying noise of our skimmer (skimmer) determined by the aspiration of air...

FIY - Freshwater Aquarium 

To produce the carbon dioxide will use common products: water, yeast and pumpkins...This process allows us to obtain the carbon dioxide with much ease at really reduced..

FIY - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium 

The removal of an aquarium. Fear more pronounced in cases where the management of our tank we have entrusted to the DSB (Deep Sand Bed)...






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