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Articles Marine Aquarium - Reef

Balling method

 Articles -  Marine Aquarium - Reef

All corals, to build their skeletal structure, need a balanced triad with a constant level of calcium, about 400-450 mg / l...


 Articles -  Marine Aquarium - Reef

The zooxanthellae are microscopic photosynthetic algae that live in symbiosis with many species of corals and that provide a good part of the nourishment generally...

Rocce Vive Reef

 Articles -  Marine Aquarium - Reef

In setting their own marine aquarium "Reef", many aquarists use live rock from "bleed". For convenience and to accelerate the maturation of the tank, especially for beginners, we recommend the purchase, at your dealer...

Rocce Vive Reef

 Articles -  Marine Aquarium - Reef

In setting up a reef aquarium is important to use good quality live rock, taken generally in nature along with other living organisms such as algae, crabs, marine worms, small crustaceans...






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