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Articles Freshwater Aquarium

Scegliere i pesci per l'acquario

Articles - Freshwater Aquarium

How to choose fish for the aquarium? How and where to buy fish at the store? These are questions that arises every aquarist, especially when you are approaching for the first time in this hobby, and that, unfortunately, not having gained...

Acquario per pesci rossi

Articles - Freshwater Aquarium

The goldfish, as already highlighted in the Tabs section of the site, is undoubtedly the most popular fish in cold water and brought to the world. Often the first approach is by pure chance, after buying the market or through a win at the playground...

Legni in acquario

Articles - Freshwater Aquarium

Many aquarists use in the preparation of a freshwater aquarium driftwood roots or aquarium. In most cases the woods are purchased in-store, safer and higher quality than those taken from the wild....

Riproduzione in acquario dolce

Articles - Freshwater Aquarium

So as always happens in nature, many freshwater fish in the aquarium can be played with ease. You have to distinguish fish from those Ovoviviparous Oviparous. In the first category, we can find the guppies or swordtail fish (Xiphophorus helleri)...

Allestimento acquario acqua dolce

Articles - Freshwater Aquarium

 The preparation of a fresh water aquarium requires the knowledge of some basic information. First of all, find the place where to place the aquarium, providing enough space to perform maintenance work ....






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