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Aquarium Testi Luca

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Capacity: 100 liters

Lighting:  3 T5 tubes 18W with reflectors to 9 hours a day.

Filtration: Internal filter with sponges, activated carbon and filter floss.

Heating: 100W Heater Hydor; heating cable Hydor Hydrokable.

Bottom: Fund about 5-6 cm tall, 30 kg of dark medium grained sand. 3 kg of rocks.

Physical-chemical water: T ° - 28 ° C; Control values of water every 30 days.

Accessories: System CO2 Evolution Quantum 300 - Dennerle 2974

Maintenance: Change about 10 liters of water every month. Cleaning filter materials every month.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer Dennerle of each month.

Fish: Xifoforo; Neon cardinale; Coridoras; Capoeta titteya; Rasbora arlecchino 

Plants: Anubias; Cabomba caroliniana; Egeria; Riccia fluitans; Vallisneria spiralis; Barclaya longifolia; Ceratopteris thalictroides

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