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Aquarium Serrao Giuseppe

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Aquarium measure: 60x35x45 cm 

Capacity100 liters

Lighting:  2 T5 24 W 

Filtration: Iinternal biological filter floss, filter materials and resins; Resun pump 700 l / h 

Heating: 200 W heater 

Bottom: Medium gravel and logs 

Physical-chemical water: T 25-26 °; PH 6.5; 5 ° dKH; dGH 9th; nitrate 15 

Maintenance: Clean filter materials and background every 15 days; glasses every 5 days  

Water changes: 15 liters every 2 weeks  

Accessories: CO2 System

Fertilizer: Every week liquid fertilizer

Fish: Capoeta Semifasciolata; Colisa Fasciata; Barbus pentazona.

Plants: Anubias; Aponegeton Ulvaceus; Hygrophila; Barclaya longifolia; Aponogeton madagascariensis 

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