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Aquarium Rossi Corrado

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Aquarium Description: Let me begin by thanking all the fans who like me spend a bit 'of time to care for their fish gaining more experience and thus helping to give birth to those who read these pages a passion for the world of aquariums are a big fan of aquariums and produce a good quantity of guppies who then resell or gift to fans like me. One of the tanks that I'm going to describe is a Pet Company 120, size 120 * 40 * 50 cm and glass 8mm thick. That was given to me by my girlfriend about 3 years ago, so active for 3 years.

Lighting system: The lighting system consists of 1 neon lit only 8 hours timer precisely from 16:00 to 00:00. Sometimes I turn at intervals even a small evening moonlight 8 blue LED.

Filtration system: The filtering system is entrusted to two internal filters Askoll both a 100 and a Pratiko Pratiko 80. The Pratiko 100 acts as a biological filter and is loaded with razor clams and activated charcoal as well as wool. The internal filter with submersible pump is entrusted with the mechanical filtration and is loaded, starting from the bottom, with increasingly finer mesh sponges, until 'last basket where you will find wool and razor clams that change every 5 months also as you can see in this photo is covered by a plant anubias that I tied with nylon thread to make the particular area of the left' aquarium. The filter housing is an internal heater set to maintain the water temperature at 24/25 ° C Askoll brand power 100w.

Bottom: Provision is made up of quartz gravel of small particle size below, I laid on the fine white sand to give greater prominence have colors of the stones .. The thickness of the sand ranges from 7 cm to the front until you get to 13cm in the back .. I have added to maintain the pH of the wood of various sizes at the moment there are 5 pieces now scattered and submerged roots of anubias.Ho used a type of stone similar to the brick of which I do not remember the name for a total of about 2 kg.

Water values: pH 5.5; 4.0 Gh; Kh 2.0

Maintenance: Maintenance is limited to a monthly exchange of 20% or 20 liters of osmosis water treated with a generous teaspoon of Seachem Equilibrium. Any pruning of trees and removal of dead leaves. Cleaning the glass inside. Quarterly cleaning of the filter material and exchange of activated carbon. Periodic siphoning of the bottom with a siphon batteries Tetra (costs about 20 Euros and it is great)

Food: Fish are fed once a day with mainly frozen shrimp. Occasionally fresh food such as daphnia also. Using long since the flake and I'm really pleased and I would recommend them to everyone especially for the supply of the following guppy food flakes and granules:

Tetra Rubin

Tetra Min

Tetra Delica

Tetra flakes Artemia salina

But the greatest results in terms of size and bright colors I tried them only with the administration of Artemia frozen diced 1 by calculating square every 10 fish per day dissolved in water and administered with a syringe.

Fertilizer: I fertilized with Tetra Intial D the bottom, and with tablets flora vital eighths of inserting 2 tablets every month (or 2.3 grams per 100 liters). Fertilizer as directed by leaves and roots once every month to 15 ml of Flora pride that despite being one of the cheapest to be found more good risultati.Ho differences with the products of other brands (Fourth liquid) and I can say that the use of Tetra Flora Pride is truly a great product and is great especially the quality / price ratio.

Fish: There are currently about 35 guppies in my tank including breeds such as red dragon, leopard (females), and more. 5 neon, cardinal 1, 2 petita pulcher, 1 female fighter (4 years old), 1 Gyrinocheilus glass cleaner, 2 coridas, 7 bred and raised coral platy always in my vasca.1 snail ampullaria.Ma every several months I parts and so can not give a precise number.

Plants: Echinodorus tenellus, Anubias nana, Anubias mother plant bacteria, 10 Cladofora. Blyxa auberti, bulb of Crinum thaianum, balansae Cryptocoryne, Vallisneria gigantea, Vallisneria spiralis.

You should always have maximum care of your little friends, at the bottom of the aquarium is nothing more than a small world in our hands ...

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