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Aquarium Marino Stefano

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Aquarium measure: 30x30x35 cm (wave box) 

Capacity30 liters

Lighting:  Ceiling self-built 22 W  

Filtration: Organic external Eden 501 

Accessories: Photus (plant helps me to absorb nitrates) 

Heating: 50 W heater 

Bottom:  Wave Aquasoil Prodac lava stones and clay 

Maintenance: 1/3 every week 

Fertilizer: Every week + trace elements iron protocol waveCO2: DIY system to gel. 

Fish: 1st pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides; 2 Otociclus affinis; 2 Corydoras, 1 gyrinochelius gold; 

Invertebrates: various Neocaridina

Plants: Anubias, microsorium, Vallisneria, Bacopa, rigth track, Echinodorus, curly fluitans. 

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