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Aquarium Gargini Camilla

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Capacity: 95 liters

Lighting Neon Dennerle Trocal super plus twelve hours of light with timer 9:00 to 21:00

Filtration: Filter silicon: size 28x26; three compartments one for heater, wool, pump filter materials used: the first layer razor to recreate the bacterial flora; second layer of coal last layer wool.

Heating: Heater tetra tec 150 W

Bottom: Gravel for aquariums addition nitrete minus for algae. Multiple jars that serve as hiding places for Botie.

Physical-chemical water: T 24°

Food: Discus elixir to put 1 time per month 20cc.

Maintenance: 1 filters once a week; wool cleaning 1 time per month; Coal change 1 time a month; exchange for wool 1 time per month; pruning when plants require it.  Easy balance, safe water, crystal water.attivatori bacterial bactom zim

Water changes:  1 time per month

Accessories: wire heating

Fertilizer: Denerle balls - tablets localized. Liquid-capsules to strengthen the plants, E15, v. 30, a1, 1 time per month s7 alternating every 10 days to put in the 'not in the aquarium filter.

Fish: 1 pair of armored catfish; 1 pair of Botie clown; 1 female colisa; 3 neon; 15 velifere; 6 pairs of guppies; 1 pair of coral; 10 of velifera fish fry.

Plants: Several Echinodorus, criptocorine, water lilies and lotus red grenn

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