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Aquarium Barrile Silvio

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CapacityMy tank is 70 gallons

LightingThe light is provided by a 18 watt fluorescent Acquastar for a period of 12 hours a day triggered by a digital timer from 8:30 to 20:30

Filtration: Internal filter loaded sequentially from Perlon wool, synthetic sponges, razor clams (Siporax), expanded clay operated by a pump 600 l / h.

Heating: Sera from 100 watt heater that keeps the temperature at 25 °

Bottom: The fund consists of 10 kg of gravel reaching an overall 'height of 7 cm. The furniture is made from the trunk of a 5 kg with a length equal to that of 'aquarium and height above the level of' water that allows you to create many hiding places to fish as well as being an excellent substrate for certain plants.

Physical-chemical water: T 26 °; PH 6.8; 4 ° dKH; dGH 10 °; nitrate 10 

Maintenance: I make every 2 weeks for the cleaning of the wool of the filter while the sponges alternately every 2 months to ensure a good bacterial flora. To clean the bottom using an electric siphon once a month. For the glass front and side a magnet or possibly a razor blade with a handle when it is necessary. It is important to check every day for the aquarium fish by removing any dead leaves and that with the passage of time would create problems in decaying balance of the tank.

Water changes: I make a change every 2 weeks to about 15 liters of tap water to cut half with demineralized water obtained from a reverse osmosis plant.

Accessories: Askoll CO2 system to ensure good health to all plants.

Fertilizer: None

Fish:  6 neon cardinal, 1 pair of swordtails, 6 pairs of guppies, 1 pair of Betta Splendens (Fighting Fish).

Plants: Vallisneria spiralis, Barclaya longifolia, Anubias, Nomaphila stricta. The robustness of these plants allow me to use any type of fertilizer thanks to 'help the system CO2.

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