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Sarcophyton sp.


Sarcophyton sp

Scientific nameo - Sarcophyton sp.

Phylum Coelenterates

Class - Anthozoa

Order - Alcyonarians

Classification - Alcyoniidae.

Distribution - Pacific Ocean - Indian Ocean.

Description - Invertebrate soft mushroom-shaped, has a long stem that is firmly anchored to the substrate and numerous polyps of different lengths, depending on the species, that may totally withdraw within the disk in case of danger. The color varies from brown to pale yellow. Can reach a size of 30 cm in height.

Habitat - In the aquarium, live well and long. You will find a very enlightened with good water movement.

Water conditions - PH 8,0-8,4; DH 8-15; Calcium 410-430; Temp. 20°27°

Density - 1021-1023

Food -  It feeds mainly by algae zooxanthellae but you can also nourish phytoplankton, brine shrimp and liquid products specific to corals.

Behavior - Under optimal conditions, the colony has polyps are always open and withdrawing completely inside the disk in case of danger. Periodically expels harmful substances by creating a plastic wrap.

Compatibility Do not place it near stinger.

Reproduction - In the aquarium is by cuttings by fitting a piece of colony inside a hole or blocking based on a rock. In a short time the thin filament -bonded to the substrate. And is possible to play with forcibly cuts the trunk but in some cases the coral does not react well, wasting away until his death.

Difficulty - No particular needs therefore suitable for beginners.


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