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Clavularia viridis


Clavularia viridis

Scientific nameo - Clavularia viridis.

Phylum Coelenterates

Class Anthozoa

Order Octocoralli

Classification Clavulariidae.

Distribution Pacific and Indian Ocean

Description The colony is composed of numerous individuals with eight tentacles and soft structure. The polyps have a greenish-brown. In the aquarium can hold circa30 cm of the surface.

Habitat You will find a very illuminated with an intense movement of the water.

Water conditions - PH 8,0-8,3; DH 9-13; Calcium 400-440; Temp. 23°26°

Density - 1021-1023.

Food -  It feeds mainly by algae zooxanthellae but you can also nourish phytoplankton, brine shrimp and liquid products specific to corals.

Behavior Under optimal conditions, the colony has polyps are always open in search of nutrients.

Compatibility  No particular needs.

Reproduction It reproduces easily colonizing large rocky areas of the tank.

Difficulty - Suitable for beginners. And ' possible to raise it in basins not yet ripe with phosphates and nitrates are not optimal.

Personal Experience - Avoid vapor in the aquarium slime algae, harmful to coral.


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