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Cladiella sp.


Cladiella sp

Scientific nameo - Cladiella sp.

Phylum Coelenterates

Class - Anthozoa

Order - Alcyonarians.

Classification - Alcyoniidae.

Common specieClaudiella australis; Claudiella humesi.

Distribution - Pacific and Indian Ocean; Red Sea.

Description - Coral springs from the trunk elongated and branched tree with numbers polyps present at the ends of branches. The color is brown. Reaches a size of 10-15 cm in length.

Habitat - To ensure the smooth movement of the branches, the coral should be placed in an area with good water movement, preferably alternating, but not too intense. Need intense lighting.

Water conditions - PH 8,1-8,3; DH 9-13; Calcium 400-450; Temp. 23°-26°

Density - 1021-1023

Food -  It feeds on algae zooxanthellae, brine shrimp, plankton and liquid products specific to corals.

Behavior - Under optimal conditions, the coral extends upward with polyps everted, retreating into himself quickly in case of dange.

Compatibility - Coexists seamlessly with other marine organisms.

Reproduction - IIn the aquarium is the case for separation by cutting a branch and blocking the base of a rock. In a short time the thin filament -bonded to the substrate. In some cases, the coral does not respond well to cutting, wasting away until his death.

Difficulty - Coral suitable for beginners. No particular needs. Requires no water values nitrate and periodic water changes.


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