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Equipment in aquarium

Manutenzione acquario

Articles - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

Maintenance is one of the principal in the management of a freshwater aquarium and marine. You must perform daily checks, weekly, monthly and periodically to ensure that all organisms optimal living conditions....

Acqua torbida acquario e invasione batterica

Articles - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

Cloudy water in an aquarium ? Newcomers more often than not remain terrified and annoyed but do not worry , it is a widespread phenomenon in the management of the aquarium is in tanks in the ripening...

Articles - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

All the organizations that we are hosting in our hot , like every living being, in order to survive they need to feed themselves. To ensure our fish, a long and healthy life , you should try to maintai....

Articles - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

The nitrogen cycle is a complex biological process in which organic compounds (faeces, excess feed, leaves, etc ...) are transformed by bacteria into nitrates particular, less harmful and more tolerated by the majo...

Articles- Marine Aquarium

The DSB (Deep Sand Bed) is a real living extremely effective filter that requires the establishment of a fund of at least 10-15 cm in height and of very fine particle size. Here you phenomena taking place in the aerobic nitrification and denitrificatio...

Lo schiumatoio - Skimmer

Articles - Marine Aquarium

 The skimmer is an almost essential accessory for the optimal management of a marine aquarium tropical or Mediterranean. The operation is very simple thanks to the bubbles usually produced by a venturi system...

Articles - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

The filter can be considered the true heart of the aquarium. Its function , in fact , it is vital to make the environment of the aquarium , a closed ecosystem , more livable for most organisms ....






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